Theatre rules


Cinema "Pasaka" is the home of good cinema, located at Šv.Ignoto str. 4/3, in Vilnius. The cinema is open Monday-Sunday. Pasaka is available on the Internet at, by phone 8 (683) 48091.


  • Tickets for the Pasaka cinema screenings can be purchased at the box office of the Pasaka cinema theatre (Šv. Ignoto str. 4/3, Vilnius) or online,
  • Tickets are not reserved by phone, nor are they refundable or exchangeable. You can pay with a card and cash at the cinema box office.
  • The cinema's repertoire is published online. The cinema reserves the right to change the repertoire. The most accurate and constantly updated repertoire is published on the cinema website.
  • The ticket office opens 1 hour before the first session of the day. The box office closes 15 minutes after the start of the last session.


  • Movie screenings include presenting a ticket purchased at the cinema box office or online that is valid for the screening session;
  • After purchasing a discounted ticket online, submit a document confirming the discount to the cinema administrator;
  • To purchase a discounted ticket at the cinema box office, show the discount certificate or club card before purchasing the ticket;
  • Invitations or gift vouchers for a specific movie screening can only be exchanged at the cinema box office. Invitations and gift vouchers are valid only until the date indicated on them;
  • Attention: as many people are allowed in the hall as there are seats in the hall. Additional tickets are not sold, extra chairs are not delivered.

The cinema has the right to:

  • Ask for documents proving the identity and age of the spectators, if you are buying tickets for a film with a forbidden age rating, you want to buy a discounted ticket or use the cards issued by the cinema;
  • Do not admit a person who does not meet the age requirement of the film to a film screening;
  • Do not sell tickets or allow a person dressed in dirty clothes to emit a pungent odor;
  • Confiscate a privileged card issued by a club member or other cinema if it is found to be being used illegally;
  • Do not sell tickets or admit people who are heavily intoxicated with alcohol or drugs and violate public order.

The following is prohibited in the cinema:

  • Smoking and drug use;
  • Bring and eat food, snacks and alcoholic beverages purchased outside the La Boheme restaurant;
  • Speaking on a mobile phone during a movie session and interfering with other viewers of the movie session during noisy communication;
  • Raise the legs of cinema chairs;
  • To give birth to animals;
  • Carry knives, firearms or other devices that are dangerous to human life and health;
  • Use the toilet for outsiders if they are not visitors to the cinema screenings;
  • Bring bulky items into the hall that would prevent other spectators from passing the session.